Dealing with HMRC, tax returns, VAT issues and official paperwork can be overwhelming, complicated and hard to follow. You will find that H T LEE can help you and your business cross all the T’s and dott all the I’s, leaving you free to run your business.


Tax returns and VAT registrations are important items to remember yet so many manage to forget and submit them late, incomplete or not at all. H T LEE can assist you in completing and filing of these essential Returns on time.


Other Services

As mentioned on our About Us page, we offer a full range of services which we feel are most effective when combined yet also extremly useful and beneficial when used either singularly or in small groups. Remember that we offer a comprehensive accounting and taxation service for small and medium size business whether you are just starting out, a Sole trader, Partnership or Limited Company.

We provide the following services:

Company Formation






Accounts preparation


Payroll and CIS


Personal and Corporation Tax Returns